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Road-System Salmon Fishing

$250 per person

This is option is for the enthusiast that is ready to get their fly wet and get bit as fast as possible. Off-road isn't your style?  That's ok! There are some hidden gems on the Kodiak road-system waiting to be discovered. We've got the local knowledge and pulse of the fishery. If you're here for an extended stay, some local knowledge can help set the pace for the duration of your fishing excursions while on the island. When you're ready to go, let us know!


Pillar Mountain SxS Tour

$75 per person

We are excited to offer you the one and only Pillar Mountain side-by-side tour on the island. Helmets on! This tour takes you through downtown Kodiak highlighting some of Kodiak's must-see locations before going up Pillar Mountain! This is a fantastic option for those who are restrained by time or mobility to take in the scenery, culture, and epic view of Kodiak from the TOP! Tour length is flexible and lasts about 1.5 hours.


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